The Manor - Summer 1927

The Manor - Summer 1927

Direction: Volker Heise, Jutta Doberstein


Germany 2005
16 x 26 Min.

Our 19-Fifties - How we became what we are The last Journey

By order of ARD Werbung.

TV premiere: Oct 11, 2005, 11.10.2005


A young woman time-travels to the Roaring Twenties.
As the lady of a plush manor, Germany 1927
she entertains her guests who visit for a summer
in the country. Formal etiquette is abandoned, the
living easy. New technologies challenge and excite –
electricity, radio, the automobile. In the cellar bellow,
fellow time-travellers work tirelessly as housemaids
and servants. Despite their status, they are of equal
ability and education as “those above”. A recipe for
revolution …