Black Forest House 1902

Black Forest House 1902

Direction: Volker Heise


Germany, 2002
4 x 45 Min.

A Child From Afar Chen Mo und Meiting

zero one film in Coproduction with zero südwest, SWR, ARTE (D/F).
Funded by MFG Baden-Württemberg.

TV premiere: Dec 2, 2002, 02.12.2002


The Boro family from Berlin goes time-travelling.
Their mission: to spend ten weeks living the way
Black Forest farmers did a century ago – without
electricity, deodorant or household appliances, entirely
self-sufficient. An experiment that may go
various ways, offering surprising insights.


Adolf Grimme Award (Germany), 2003

Documentary Award

German Television Award (Germany), 2003

nominated for Best Documentary