Do not worry!

Do not worry!

Direction: Emily Atef


Germany, 2017
89 Min.

CINEKiNO Meine sieben Sachen - Der Schuh

By order of WDR.

World Premiere: Oct 25, 2017, 51. Hofer Filmtage



"Macht euch keine Sorgen" tells the story of a German family, who’s life is completely disrupted, as they get to know, that their youngest son Jakob has joined the IS in Syria. Father Stephan and brother David also travel to the syrian border, in order to bring Jakob back to Germany.


pictures: © zero one film/Michael Kotschi


Book: Kathi Liers, Jana Simon
Production: Thomas Kufus
Editing: Caren Toennissen (WDR)
Production management: Melanie Berke
Production management: Björn Eggert
Production management WDR: Oliver Wißmann
Camera: Michael Kotschi (BVK)
Lighting: Philipp Gerhardt
Sound: Jacob Ilgner
Production design: Silke Fischer
Make-up: Heiko Schmidt, Kerstin Gaecklein
Costume design: Stefanie Bieker
Editing: Bernd Euscher
Sound Design: Jonathan Ritzel
Mixer: Ansgar Frerich
Music: Cyril Atef
Casting: Simone Bär Casting