Meine sieben Sachen - Der Schuh

Meine sieben Sachen - Der Schuh

Direction: Michael Dörfler


Germany, 2017
27 Min.

Do not worry! Somewhere in Tonga

zero one film in Coproduction with ARTE.
By order of MDR.

TV premiere: Sep 30, 2017, 30.09.2017


"Meine sieben Sachen" takes the viewer on journey back to the time, when items that we now regard as fashion goods were seen as surving tools. These specific episodes focuses on the evolutionary history of shoes, giving informative and entertaining insights on what happened between the very first fur shoe and the fancy sneakers, we wear nowadays.


Director: Michael Dörfler

Concept: Jutta Doberstein, Michael Dörfler

Editing: Wera Flamme

Animation: Mandy Blaurock

Illustration: Harald Oehlerking

Camera: Ralf Klingelhöfer, Axel Schneppat

A production of zero one film on behalf of MDR in cooperation with arte © MDR 2017