Don Giovanni - The making of a festival opera

Don Giovanni - The making of a festival opera

Direction: Britt Beyer, Volker Heise


Germany, Austria, 2014
1x25, 4x20 Min.

Domino Effekt The Culinary Adventures Of Mrs Sarah Wiener in Asia

Funded by Red Bull Media House GmbH.
By order of ServusTV.

TV premiere: Aug 3, 2014, 03.08.2014



We enter the world of the Salzburg Festival. Four episodes
describe how in the summer of 2014 the stage
show, conceived by director Sven-Eric Bechtolf
in collaboration with the Vienna Philharmonics,
becomes reality. A great number of different collaborators
have their say: Festival director Alexander
Perrera, conductor Christoph Eschenbach and the
soloists, but also the extras, cleaners, seamstresses,
make up artists and the lighting technicians.