Domino Effekt

Domino Effekt

Direction: Niewiera Elwira, Piotr Rosolwski


Germany, Poland, 2014
76 Min.

Countdown with Nora Tschirner Don Giovanni - The making of a festival opera

zero one film in Coproduction with Otter Films, RBB, ARTE.
Funded by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Polnischen Filminstitut, Förderprogramm „Grenzgänger“ der Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Rental: Real Fiction Filmverleih
World Distribution: Autlook Films

World Premiere: May 3, 2014, Visions du Réel
Cinema premiere: Apr 9, 2015
TV premiere: Nov 16, 2015, 11/16/2015



Set in Abkhazia, a small Caucasian republic at the
shores of the Black Sea, Domino Effect is a love story
from a non existing state. In the aftermath of a civil
war, Rafael, a veteran and erstwhile sports minister
and Nathasha, a Russian opera singer, who gave up
her career and family to live with Rafael, struggle to
make their newly found love work. While Rafael is
busy organising the first World Domino Championship,
Natasha tries to build a new life for herself in an
environment that is not always welcoming.


Doc Leipzig (Germany), 2014

Winner Golden Dove

Dokufest Prizren (Poland) 2014

Winner International Documentary Competition