Francofonia - The Louvre under the occupation

Francofonia - The Louvre under the occupation

Direction: Aleksandr Sokurov


France, Germany, the Netherlands, 2015
84 Min.

ZUD Heimat gesucht

zero one film in Coproduction with Idéale Audiance (FR), N279 Entertainment (NL), ARTE France Cinéma, Musée du Louvre.
Funded by Fonds Eurimages, Centre National de la cinematographie et de l’image animée, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Filmförderungsanstalt, Deutsche Filmförderfonds, Netherlands Film Fund, MEDIA Slate.

Rental: Piffl Medien
World Distribution: Films Boutique

World Premiere: Sep 4, 2015, Venedig Film Festival
Cinema premiere: Mar 3, 2016



Francofonia is the story of two remarkabl men,
enemies then collaborators, who were the driving
force behind the preservation of the Louvre‘s treasures
during the Second World War. The film explores
the question of relations between art and power,
the museum as a living site of civilization and a piece
of German-French history.


Venice Film Festival 2015