Kuhlenkampff's Shoes

Kuhlenkampff's Shoes

Direction: Regina Schilling


Germany, 2018
92 Min.

Eldorado The Silent Revolution

By order of SWR.

TV premiere: 08.08.2018, ARD


Just as the Federal Republic of Germany went uphill, German entertainment television developed so splendidly. And the showmasters took part in forgetting the war and its traumatic events: Kulenkampff, Hans Rosenthal and Peter Alexander. All three fell into the turmoil during the war, Kulenkampff and Alexander as soldiers, Rosenthal as a Jew, who, with unbelievably luck, narrowly escaped deportation several times. Like the director's father, they belonged to a very special generation: First marked by National Socialism, then harnessed to the hamster wheel of reconstruction, they knew nothing of traumatization, or did not want to know.


Duisburger Filmwoche


German TV Awards

Best Documentary

Grimme Award 2019

Information and Culture

German Academy for Television

Industry Award for Outstanding Achievements, Best Documentary

moving history 2019



Director: Regina Schilling

Editing: Jamin Benazzouz

Editing Assistant: Alfredo Castro

Speaker: Maria Schrader

Music: Wolfgang Böhmer

Sound / Sound Mix: Kai Tebbel

Research: Albert Kamps

Archive: Moni Preischl, Elizabeth Harris

Rights Clearance: Conny Ziller

Animation: Mieke Ulfig

Compositing: Stefan Engelkamp

Line Producer: Tassilo Aschauer

Producer: Thomas Kufus

Commisioning Editor: Simone Reuter (SWR), Sabine Mieder (HR)