Direction: Andres Veiel


Deutschland, 2020
89 Min.

Inside the Uffizi 24h Europe - The Next Generation

zero one film in Coproduction with rbb, NDR, WDR.
Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM.

World Distribution: rbb Media

TV premiere: 18.11.2020, ARD


The year 2034: The consequences of the climate catastrophe are dramatic. Drought and floods destroy the livelihoods of millions of people. After the third storm tide in a row, the headquarters of the International Court of Justice was evacuated. In a provisional interim building in Berlin, the climate change and the ongoing catastrophe becomes the subject of legal proceedings. Two lawyers represent 31 countries of the global South, which are doomed to destruction without the support of the international community. They raise questions of responsibility, demand compensation and a right of nature to integrity in order to ensure their own survival. High-ranking representatives from politics and industry are invited as witnesses. The court must decide whether German policymakers are to be held accountable for their failure to protect the climate and thus set a precedent for climate justice. 


Edgar Selge
Ulrich Tukur
Nina Kunzendorf
Friederike Becht
Sven Schelker
Martina Eitner-Acheampong
Robin Gooch
Masumi Fukuchi
Inmaculada Fornells Gonzales
Alexander Germana Yassin
Utsav Agrawal
Rehema Luziga
Brenda Turner
Hans-Jochen Wagner
Frank Röth
Tilo Nest
Christian Grashof
Sarah Boberg
Prodromos Antoniadis
Alexander Radszun
Falk Rockstroh
Peter Prager
Moritz Renner
Malte Tönißen
Thomas Wendrich
Heidrun Schug
Ronny Archut
Martin Günther
Sophie Son Wetter-Ziegler
Bernd Lubach
Sabrina N’diaye
Katjana Gerz
Ingo Zamperoni

Andres Veiel
Jutta Doberstein
Script Counselor:
Thomas Wendrich
Scientific Research:
Felix Kufus
Christian Theil

Nessie Nesslauer
Johanna Hellwig

Andres Veiel
Assistant to Director: 
Till Bosse
Script Supervisor:
Philipp Müller

Stephan Krumbiegel
Olaf Voigtländer
Junior Editor:
Alfredo Castro

Matthias Fleischer
Timm Brückner
2. Camera: 
Michael Ole Nielsen
Camera Assistant: 
Sascha El Gendi
Maximilian Günther

Production Design:
Silke Fischer
Film Architects:
Pegah Ghalambor
Jan Hormann
Art Direction:
Marie-Luise Balzer
Marie-Catherine Theiler
Andreas Huschke

Gioia Raspé
Costume Assistant
Amrei Kapfhammer

Make Up:
Kerstin Gaecklein
Heiko Schmidt

Ulrich Reuter
Damian Scholl

Oliver Grafe
Sound Assistant:
Marc Zeunert
Andreas Hildebrandt
Carsten Richter
Hanse Warns
Daniel Weis
Re-Recording Mixer:
Matthias Lempert

Dennis Straub
Sebastian Probst-Lübeck
Visual Effects:
Holger Hummel
Matthias Waesch
Toby Cornish
Johannes Braun
Ronny Träger
Klaas Neumann

Monika Preischl
Mona El-Bira

Scientific Counselor: 
Dr. Matthias Corbach
Counselors International Law: 
Alexandra Kemmerer
Dr. Guillaume Futhazar
Prof. Dr. Anne Peters
Dr. Tom Sparks

Legal Advice:
Stefan von Moers

Production Manager
Ines Frederich
Robert Terasa
Health & Safety coordinator
Stina Westermann

Produktion Assistant
Theresa Bölke
Hannes Brühwiler
Executive Producer rbb:
Jörgen Radach
Executive Producer:
Peter Hartwig
Line Producer:
Melanie Berke

Thomas Kufus

Commissioning Editors:
Mathias Werth
Robin Getrost
Martina Zöllner

The Director wishes to thank:
Christoph Bals
Jürgen Resch

The Producer wishes to thank all licensees and archives
Sean Davey, Luke Miller, Armel Parisot, Roland Théron, Daniel Walther
ARD Aktuell, Associated Press, BR, Deutsche Welle, DPA, Getty Images, Medienkollektiv Frankfurt, NASA, N-TV, NDR, Parlamentsarchiv des Deutschen Bundestages, Point du Jour International, rbb, Reuters, Shutterstock, Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo, WDR