Siegfried & Roy - A Showbiz Fairy Tale

Siegfried & Roy - A Showbiz Fairy Tale

Direction: Katja Esson


Germany, France, 2004
52 Min.

Maternity Ward 2 Adam - Retter aus der Retorte

zero one film in Coproduction with ARTE (D/F), SWR.

TV premiere: Sep 1, 2004, 01.09.2004


Two boys from the German provinces - Bavaria and
Lower Saxony - conquer the Wild West and Las
Vegas with their unique performance, combining
magic and wild, exotic animals - a picture book
success story. Night after night they challenge
the gods and captivate audiences - every show
sells out. But on the night of the 3rd of October
2003, their luck changes: A cruel tiger attack puts a
sudden end to the showbiz fairy tale...