Somewhere in Tonga

Somewhere in Tonga

Direction: Florian Schewe


Germany, 2017
98 Min.

Meine sieben Sachen - Der Schuh 24 WEEKS

zero one film in Coproduction with ZDF / Das kleine Fernsehspiel, ARTE.

World Premiere: Oct 25, 2017, 51. Hofer Filmtage
TV premiere: Nov 23, 2017, 11/23/2017



There is nothing that keeps passionate social worker Wolski in Germany. With hard work he has prepared his escape: On an uninhabited island in the Kingdom of Tonga he wants to give criminal teenagers a second chance. His first candidate is Marcel, 16 years old and no stranger to drugs, violence and crime.
From now on, living equals struggling for Wolski. Struggling with a boy who wants everything except staying on an uninhabited island with him. Wolski tries to build something up, Marcel tries to destroy it. A visit to the main island ends in disaster. Wolski only narrowly manages to keep the boy from being send to prison. The deal: From now on, Marcel is not allowed to leave the remote island at all.
„Somewhere in Tonga“ is based on a true story.


Three new awards for "Somewhere in Tonga"


Three new awards for "Somewhere in Tonga"

Somewhere in Tonga was awarded three times at Milano Int. Film Festival for "Best Directing", "Best Acting Performance Male" and "Best Supporting Performance Male". Beautiful horses galloping home... Congratulations to Florian Schewe, Sascha Alexander Geršak and Luis Pintsch!

Luis Pintsch ist für den Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis nominiert


Luis Pintsch ist für den Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis nominiert

Luis Pintsch, Darsteller des „Marcel“ in Somewhere in Tonga (R: Florian Schewe) ist für den Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis als bester Nachwuchsdarsteller nominiert. So vedient! Wir drücken die Daumen!


51. Hofer Filmtage

Special Mention

Lünen Film Festival

Students Film Price 16+

Lünen Film Festival

Lüdia / Best Film (Audience Award)

Milano International Filmfestival

Best Supporting Performance Male

Milano International Filmfestival

Best Directing


Director: Florian Schewe

Script: Sarah Schill, Florian Schewe - nach Motiven aus dem Tatsachenbericht „Tongan Coffee“ von Uwe Gröne

Production: Volker Heise, Thomas Kufus

Commissioning Editor: Christian Cloos (ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel), Olaf Grunert (ARTE)

Line Producer: Melanie Berke

Production Manager: Sabina Friedland

Casting: Britt Beyer

DoP: Yannick Bonica

Ligtning: Tom Sperling

Sound: Manja Ebert

Production Design: Friederike Sell

Make Up: Rosa Singhofen

Costume: Suni Hoffmann

Editing: Till Ufer

Music: Daniel Dickmeis

Sound design: Dominik Avenwedde

Cast: Sascha Alexander Geršak, Luis Pintsch, Tevita Fukofuka, Fuahea Semi, Lolohea Lin, Mira Partecke, Wolfgang Zechmayer