The Hippie Trail

The Hippie Trail

Direction: Maren Niemeyer, Caroline Goldie, Sissi Hüetlin


Germany, 2007
2 x 45 , 5 x 26 Min.

The Culinary Adventures Of Mrs Sarah Wiener The Richter Window

zero one film in Coproduction with WDR, SWR (D), ARTE G.E.I.E. (D/F), Maren Niemeyer Filmproduktion.

TV premiere: Jul 2, 2007, 02.07.2007


What united Uschi Obermaier, German icon of
1968, French star designer Phillipe Starck and
English publisher Tony Wheeler? All three took
a hike, among thousands of other hippies, in
1967/1968 to travel the world. This documentary
series revives the journey along the legendary
backpackers route as a cinematic road movie.