Europe Revealed

Direction: Andreas Pichler


Germany / France, 2021

My private war Igor Levit - No Fear

zero one film in Coproduction with Point Du Jour (F).
By order of ARTE, MDR.

TV premiere: 2021, ARTE


"Europe revealed" is a six-part high-end prime-time series, jointly produced by zero one film in Berlin and Point du Jour in Paris, under the direction of Andreas Pichler for ARTE and MDR.

 The series combines an investigation into the heart and nerve centers of Europe with unseen visuals, hard facts and a vast scope of human stories.

 A team of six award winning filmmakers and hand-picked experts has identified six key issues for the future of Europe, each unfolding in its own visual and geographical sphere. United by beautiful aerial photography and deep structural interpretation, the series reveals in six episodes of

52 minutes each how Europe works in all relevant social and economic areas and is interconnected as a whole. This includes the increasing ecological changes as well as migration movements or the convergence in transport routes and digitalization.

The film team consists of six renowned European filmmakers, Andreas Pichler (Italy), Nina Paschalidou (Greece), Joakim Demmer (Sweden), Pierre-Olivier François (France), Tonsilav Hristov (Bulgaria) and Roland Théron (France) for aerial photography.

The series will be filmed across Europe between May and September 2021 and is expected to be broadcast (in six languages) on ARTE in spring 2022.


Status: Developement

Europe Revealed

a documentary by Andreas Pichler
6 x 52′
Europe Revealed tells - realized in high quality and spectacularly filmed - how the countries of the European Union interact today, how the flows and relationships within this complex flow and hold Europe together.


Head of Project: Andreas Pichler (Italien)
in cooperation with: Pierre-Olivier François (Frankreich), Nina Paschalidou (Griechenland), Joakim Demmer (Schweden), Tonsilav Hristov (Bulgarien) und Roland Théron (Frankreich)