Europe Revealed

Europe Revealed

Direction: Andreas Pichler and others


Germany / France / Belgium, 2022

Bread Rebels Igor Levit - No Fear

zero one film in Coproduction with Point Du Jour (F), Clin d'oeil films (B).
By order of ARTE, MDR.

World Distribution: Point du Jour Internartional

TV premiere: 2022, ARTE, 31.05.2022



Europe revealed is a six part documentary series directed by Andreas Pichler (Show Runner), Nina Maria Paschalidou, Pierre-Oliver Francois, Joakim Demmer, Tonislav Hristov

The continent of Europe at a turning point: Will European nations and industries be able to get our complex energy systems CO2-free before the outbreak of the climate catastrophe? Can Europe survive without migrants? How much freedom of movement will there be after the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in the Ukraine? Does digital Europe stand a chance faced with the global internet giants? Can our continent’s natural heritage still be saved despite climate change? And will our cows and farmers be redundant by 2035? The series combines an investigation into the heart and nerve centers of Europe with unseen visuals, hard facts and a vast scope of human stories.


Kornelia Theune, Thomas Kufus, zero one film (DE)
Luc Martin-Gousset, Point du Jour (F)
Hanne Phlypo, Clin d'Œil (BE)

Comissioning Editors
Alexander von Harling, ARTE GEIE
Nadine Zwick, ARTE GEIE
Ulrich Brochhagen, MDR
Anaïs Roth, MDR
Fabrice Puchault, ARTE FRANCE
Anne Grolleron, ARTE FRANCE
Alexandre Marionneau, ARTE FRANCE

Andreas Pichler

Andreas Pichler
Nina Maria Paschalidou
Pierre-Oliver François
Joakim Demmer
Tonislav Hristov

Director aerial photography
Roland Théron