Europe Revealed


Germany / France 2021

My private war Herbst 1929 - Schatten über Babylon

zero one film in Coproduction with Point Du Jour (F).
By order of ARTE.

TV premiere: 2021, ARTE


With 28 states and half a billion inhabitants, the European Union is the world’s largest single market. This organic complex functions across all borders and mental and political barriers. People travel, goods circulate, money flows, trade flourishes, nature grows. Europe, this complex and fragile construct, stands together. The European Union forms a solid and – in many areas – irreversible network of relationships.
Europe Revealed tells how this Europe of ours interacts today and how streams of people and goods flow and connect its people.


Head of Project: Andreas Pichler
in cooperation with: Pierre-Olivier François, Nina Paschalidou, Roland Théron