Bread Rebels

Bread Rebels

Direction: Thomas Riedelsheimer, Eileen Byrne


Germany, 2022
5x32 Min.

Berlin 1933 - Diary of a metropolis Europe Revealed

By order of Bayrischer Rundfunk, in cooperation with ARTE.

TV premiere: 20.06.2022, ARTE


Bread Rebels presents five bakers in Europe who have recognized that working with flour, water and salt can be meaningful and fulfilling. Bread is one of the most diverse and important foods and a great teacher at that. It can teach us a lot about time, diligence and how to deal with the world. From the Caucasus in the east to the Atlantic coast of Brittany, from the mountains of Austria to the cornfields of Denmark - The Bread Rebels take the viewer on a journey that tells of humanity, sustainability and the question of meaning.


Ökofilmtour 2023

Prize for the best artistic achievement