Letter to Anna

Letter to Anna

Direction: Eric Bergkraut


Germany, Switzerland, 2008
1 x 83, 1 x 52, 1 x 45 Min.

The Volunteers - One Year for the World Sharon

zero one film in Coproduction with p.s.72 productions, SF, ZDF/3sat, MDR, rbb, Cinema for Peace.
Funded by Stiftung Corymbo (CH), Beauftragte/r der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien -Filmförderung- , MIGROS Kulturprozent (CH).

World Distribution: Accent films international

TV premiere: Feb 20, 2008, 20.02.2008



Swiss filmmaker Eric Bergkraut created this very
personal portrait of Anna Politkovskaja, the Russian
journalist, who was assassinated for her frank reports
on the war in Chechnya. Bergkraut writes an
imaginary letter to the dead journalist, summing
up the state of Russia towards the end of the Putin


One World Int. Human RightsDocumentary Film Festival(Czech Republic), 2008