The Volunteers - One Year for the World

The Volunteers - One Year for the World

Direction: Caroline Goldie, Andreas Pichler


Germany, 2009
2 x 52, 2 x 44, 4 x 28:30 Min.

Sarah Wiener and the Kitchen Kids Letter to Anna

zero one film in Coproduction with SWR, WDR, BR, Deutsche Welle, ARTE.

TV premiere: Feb 14, 2009, 14.02.2009


They are young, have just finished school and that’s
it? They want to get to know the world. They are
from small cities around Germany and will spend
one year in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They
go there to learn, to live and to help. The serie tells
a story of homesickness, adventuresomeness, lost
illusions and about growing up in a foreign and unknown