Direction: Julia Albrecht


Germany, 2015
80 Min.

Heimat gesucht The People vs. Fritz Bauer

zero one film in Coproduction with WDR, SWR, NDR.
Funded by Nordmedia Fonds GmbH (Niedersachsen und Bremen).

TV premiere: May 27, 2015, 5/27/2015


In „Ramifications“ Julia Albrecht exposes the momentous consequences of the decisions her sister Susanne made when on July 30, 1977 she participated in a terrorist attack, at which the head of the Dresden Bank Jürgen Ponto was assassinated.
The close friendship between the Albrecht and Ponto families had facilitated access for Susanne. Julia was 13 years old, when this one single act committed by the Red Army Fraction terrorists shook the West German Republic to the core, as it was also considered an attack on trust, morale and common decency. Until today the Albrecht family is trying to come to terms with what happened.


Adolf Grimme Award 2016

Robert-Geisendörfer Prize 2016