German Film Award 2018: Best Documentary and Best Editing


by Andres Veiel


Berlinale Competition 2018


by Markus Imhoof

open Film

German Film Award 2017


by Anne Zohra Berrached


German Film Award 2016

The People vs. Fritz Bauer

by Lars Kraume



In Production

Status: Research

1929 - The Year Babylon

A documentary by Volker Heise

Berlin 1929: The city of sin and extremes. The real Babylon. The history of a year in a town falling apart. The documentary accompanying the series „Berlin Babylon“.


24h Europe (AT)

A TV project

A day in the universe we call Europe, told through the eyes of the young. They are on the verge of adulthood yet live at the fractures of the continent. Introduced in real time, uninterrupted, from 6 am to 6 am. A programme of parallel worlds and contradictions, a contemporary document and a manifest for a future in the making. 


The Fever

a documentary by Katharina Weingartner

Every 60 seconds in Africa a child dies from malaria. The illness accounts for the death of over a million people every year, 90% occurring in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. Aside from the human cost, the annual economic losses attributed to Malaria total over 12 billion USD.
And despite the vast amount of research, there is currently no single solution for the fight against malaria – yet. Plasmodium is one of the oldest known parasites on earth and has played a crucial role in various wars; but the war against malaria still remains to be won.
For THE FEVER Katharina Weingartner focuses the complex history, present and future of Malaria and observes the search for a solution. The film introduces the people who work in the health industry and the people who are trying to survive the illness.

Funded by ÖFI Austrian Filminstitut, ORF Film-/Fernsehabkommen, Land Vorarlberg / Kultur, FFA, MBB, SWR/ARD, BAK, Züricher Filmstiftung, SRF